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Office of the General Counsel

Contact Information

Brian Berkowitz

General Counsel

2737 Centerview Drive
Suite 3200
Tallahassee, FL 32399-3100

(850) 921-4129
(850) 921-4159


The Office of General Counsel provides legal services to the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice.  Attorneys in the Office of General Counsel represent the Department in contract negotiations, children-in-need-of-services/families-in-need-of-services (CINS/FINS) cases, delinquency proceedings, garnishments and other litigation. The General Counsel serves as advisor to policy-makers by providing guidance on applicable Florida Statutes and proposed legislation and apprising the Secretary and Executive Management Team of legal issues.

The Department of Juvenile Justice Attorneys represent the Department in general delinquency and CINS/FINS cases within their respective judicial circuits. They cannot provide legal advice to parents or youths. Consultations with service providers and employees must be only to support the Department's bona fide interests.

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