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Office of Education

Find educational information and resources for youth in DJJ Day Treatment, Prevention, Detention and Residential Commitment Programs.


The Office of Education collaborates with the Florida Department of Education and local district school boards to ensure implementation and compliance with applicable state and federal laws, rules, and regulations of programs for youth served in DJJ settings. The Office of Education is committed to ensure youth served by the Department are afforded the opportunity to obtain a high quality education.

The Department of Education (DOE) serves as the lead agency for juvenile justice education programs, curriculum, support services, and resources. To this end, DOE and DJJ each designate a Coordinator for Juvenile Justice Education Programs to serve as the point of contact for resolving issues not addressed by district school boards and to provide each department’s participation in the following activities:

  • Training, collaborating, and coordinating with the Department of Juvenile Justice, district school boards, educational contract providers, and juvenile justice providers, whether state operated or contracted.
  • Collecting information on the academic performance of students in juvenile justice programs and reporting on the results.
  • Developing academic and career protocols that provide guidance to district school boards and providers in all aspects of education programming, including records transfer and transition.

Education Transition Representatives in each school district can assist with transferring educational records, provide guidance through the transition process, and provide information to other districts on local school options.

Teacher of the Year:

The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice (FDJJ) invites you to nominate your program’s outstanding teachers to be recognized for their inspiring classroom instruction. Nominees must currently teach in a facility and must have been teaching in a Department of Juvenile Justice facility for a year. You may nominate more than one teacher from your program. Three winners will be selected from the nominations received and will be recognized during a ceremony at the Restoring Hope conference.

 Teacher of the Year Flyer

 Nomination Procedures 

Nomination Packet




Scholarships & Financial Aid


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