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Procurement and Contract Administration

Find contracting forms, documents, conference calls and general information about how to do business with the state of Florida.


The Bureau of Procurement and Contract Administration is responsible for DJJ contracting activities, approximately $320 million per annum. Our bureau develops procurement and contract documents upon request from the appropriate Assistant Secretary’s office; facilitates the procurement process; and provides technical assistance to Department staff with the procurement and contract processes and documents.

Do you have any questions about using the Vendor Bid System?

If you have any questions, please contact the Customer Service Desk at 1-866-352-3776 or email  [email protected].

Do you have any questions about a specific Department of Juvenile Justice procurement document?

Contact the DJJ Bureau of Procurement and Contract Administration at (850) 717-2600.


Interested Parties List

The Interested Parties List is a list of providers and individuals who have completed and submitted the following form to the Bureau of Procurement and Contract Administration, indicating an interest in receiving courtesy email notifications of current and future competitive solicitations posted by the Department of Juvenile Justice.

Interested Parties Form

Contract Exhibits and Attachments

The files listed below are exhibits referenced in the Department's competitive solicitations (including the Request for Proposals (RFP), Invitations to Bid (ITB), Invitations to Negotiate (ITN), etc.) and contracts. These forms can be downloaded for use in the preparation of a proposal in response to a Department solicitation. For further information, please call the Bureau of Procurement and Contract Administration at (850) 717-2600 or the Procurement Officer listed in the solicitation document.


For Contract Administration and Contract Monitoring forms, go to the Forms Library.

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