The Personnel Board meets the second Monday of every month at 1:30 p.m. at 311 Vernon Street. The five-member board serves as the City's final decision-making body for administrative appeals relating to discipline and employment.

Current Members Term End
Herbert Long, Sr. 12/31/2020*
Scott Olsen 12/31/2022
Truda Pauly (Chair) 12/31/2020
Charles Sandoval 12/31/2020*
Jeffrey Thorne 12/31/2022*

*Eligible to re-apply when current term ends

Note: Agendas, Minutes, Staff Reports, and Legal Notices posted on this website are provided as a public service and are not intended to serve as a part of, or a replacement for, any part of the legally required noticing or posting of these materials.

Gayle Satchwell
Human Resources Director
Susan Schinnerer
Administrative Assistant
(916) 774-5204

Agendas and Minutes

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