The three-member Committee includes two members appointed by the City Council and one member who serves on the Planning Commission. The Committee reviews Design Review Permit applications for multiple-residential, commercial, and industrial projects. The Committee reviews projects proposed site plans, architecture and landscaping for conformance with the City's general plan, specific plans, and community guidelines.

The Design Committee meets the third Thursday of every month at 4:30 p.m. in Civic Center Meeting Rooms 1 & 2 at 311 Vernon Street.

Current Members Term End
Jared Poulsen 06/30/2023
Daniel Wesp 06/30/2021
Tracy Mendonsa Planning Commission Representative
Eric Brashears (Alternate) Planning Commission Representative

Note: Agendas, Minutes, and Staff Reports posted on this website are provided as a public service and are not intended to serve as a part of, or a replacement for, any part of the legally required noticing or posting of these materials.

Greg Bitter
Planning Manager

Lupe Nelson
Administrative Assistant
(916) 774-5281 

[email protected] 

Agendas and Minutes

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