The Grants Advisory Commission is composed of seven members appointed by the Roseville City Council for overlapping four-year terms.

All commission members must reside in the City of Roseville and must be 18 years or older. The youth commissioner seat is an ex-officio member (non-voting) and must be between 13 and 18 years old and a Roseville resident.

The commission meets the second Tuesday of every month and annual reviews all proposals and grant applications for Citizens Benefit Fund and R.E.A.C.H. Fund. The annual funding period is January through May and commission's funding recommendations are forwarded to the City Council for final approval in June.

For more information visit the Grants page.

The current commission members are:

    Current Members Term End
    Ellaison Carroll 06/30/2021*
    Audra Flynn 06/30/2022*
    Michelle Gibson 06/30/2023*
    Dawn Heywood (Chair) 06/30/2020*
    Erin Kelly 06/30/2020*
    Ed Kriz 06/30/2022*
    Robert Lyss (Vice Chair)   06/30/2021*
     *Eligible to re-apply when current term ends 

Note: Agendas, Minutes, Staff Reports, and Legal Notices posted on this website are provided as a public service and are not intended to serve as a part of, or a replacement for, any part of the legally required noticing or posting of these materials.

Danielle Foster
Housing Manager
(916) 774-5446 
Recording Secretary
Nathalee Soares
Office Assistant
(916) 774-5270 


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