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What is eNews? eNews is an easy way to receive important information from the Glynn County School System. By clicking on one or more of the eNews lists below, you will automatically be signed up to get messages sent to your email account.

How do I subscribe for eNews? Just fill out the form below. If your email system uses a spam filter, please be aware that this might prevent our eNews messages from being sent to your address.

How can I cancel or modify my subscription? If you want to modify or cancel your subscription, click here. Directions for doing so will also appear at the bottom of each email you receive.

Can I have eNews sent as a text message to my cell phone? Yes; however, as a courtesy we only send urgent information to your phone (i.e. emergency school closings). We will not send non-urgent eNews to your phone. Please note that some wireless carriers charge additional fees for text messages that aren't included in your plan.

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